Tuesday November 03, 2009 at 10:22

And away we go!

Hi! Welcome to my blog! This will be a journal of getting stuff together to open up an Etsy store for my miniature pet portraits called Tiny Pets: Tiny portraits of your pets. Simple enough.

This project stems from my crazy catladiness teamed with boredom one weekend afternoon when I bought a set of Bristol ACEOs (Art Card Editions and Originals) not really having a plan for them, I drew a cartoon o f my cat Phil, and colored it with markers. I Liked how that looked, and with my boyfriends encouragement, I then did our other cat Squeeky, Then my friends cat Clawdia, then my other friends Pom P-nut, and the list keeps going as people saw them and wanted thier own tiny pet portraits.

Then of course the conversation comes up “You should sell these!”, and then I thought “Yes, I should!” I love doing them, and people seem to like them. That’s a good combination for trying to sell something, right?

Anyway, keep checking back for progress, sketches, and finished art that will be available on Etsy in the upcoming weeks! I love feedback, critisism, and suggestions of dog and cat breeds you’d like to see drawn.

These portraits are done on Smooth Bristol ACEO’s that measure 2.5in.x3.5in. They are inked with Prismacolor archival black ink pens in various sizes. They are colored with Letraset Tria markers that come in a multitude of colors and blend beautifully to create a  rich, yet watercolor like finished product. Final highlights are added in either white gel pen or white Prismacolor pencil.

Let’s get this show on the road!